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2409It was my paediatrician, the one who delivered me, who told me this, says Alexa in her audio clip.

She said that to my mom at the time and then whenever I used to go for my yearly physical she would say it again. Do you know, when you were born, I held you and said youre going to be the first female president?

2020 is the year that Ill be eligible to run for president. Its something I always thought I could do, it was also one reason out of many that I was rooting against Hillary Clinton because thats supposed to be me. Im supposed to be the first female president!

Its probably affected a little bit, subconsciously, what I do. Ive been in politics for 14 years, worked in it right after college for eight years. It is a possibility, who knows?

Taken in Washington DC during the SOTM World Tour.

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