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2408“I was at home one day, and there’s a knock on the door,” explains Simon in his audio commentary, which contains a bit of adult language.

”It’s my partner’s ex-husband. He walked straight in, uninvited, looked at me and said this.

”He meant what did I know about his ex-wife coming to see me. He got rather angry, threatened to hit me. He was working himself up.

”He turned round to me and asked if I were sleeping with his wife, and I said I was. He went to swing for me and I said: “Woah, hang on, hang on. Cup of tea?”

”He said: ‘No thank you, I’ll have a glass of water please.’

”We went to the kitchen, he had a glass of water, walked out and said: ‘I’ll be seeing you.’ That was the first of three exchanges we had over the separation. Quite frightening at the time, and still frightening now when I think about it.”

Taken in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, during the SOTM World Tour.

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