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She is the remarkably driven and organized creator of Schmooze & Booze, an excellent event held around London for young media types to get to know one another.

The little squares are name tags for all those who are going to attend - this particular event was held around Old Street. She later said she wished she’d chosen another SOTM, but this one seemed quite apt for what she is trying to achieve.

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The Moment's Gone
This Too Shall Pass
Computers Will One Day Take Over The World ;)
Don't Take Drugs Kids
Te Lo Dije!
Always Wear Matching Underwear....You Never Know Where The Day Will Take You...

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world tour

Having run SOTM mainly from London since September 2006, Mario travelled the world between June 2013 and May 2014 to capture people's stories.

Click below to read about his adventures involving Korean schoolgirls, cemetery dwellers in Manila, people from South African townships and many others.

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