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Saad Saadi, from Iraq, wrote in Arabic for his Refugee Week SOTM. He said it means "If You Always Remember God, Then He Will Never Forget You".

He added: "When I was going though a difficult time in my life, that time elderly members of my family advised me to pray and I did. Later on they explained me, that our relationship with our God, works same like with other human beings. [para"]Like if I remember my special friend in my good times, I always remember his birthdays and other special days and never forget to wish him on important occassions.

"Then its not possible that he ever forget me, when its my birthday or any other event. In my life I have realised that how true it was that whenever I remembered Him, He never forgot me. So I learned that we are not supposed to turn to God only in bad times, but in fact, we should keep remembering Him, even in good times too. So He shouldn’t foeget us at all."

Taken in Hounslow, London by Farida Stanikzai of the British Refugee Council for Refugee Week.

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