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Be Good Or Be Safe

1985ďI was volunteering at Crisis homeless shelter for single people in London over Christmas, and was talking to this gentleman who is homeless right now but had travelled all around the world, had served in the merchant marines for the UK and for the United States of America.

ďHe had some of the best stories of anybody that Iíve met in my life. He said this was his theory on life. I just started laughing because I always have this thing when Iím travelling as a solo single woman where Iím more Hunter S Thompson with my life.

"I think itís better to end this deal spent and worn out and having experienced everything you possibly can. I can understand why some people think you should be good, but Iím more on being safeĒ.

This is the smashing Kirsten Alana who runs a travel blog.

Taken in Edinburgh, Scotland during the Blogmanay event for New Yearís Eve 2012.

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