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You Look Like Sharon Stone

1358Our subject says she was at a friend’s hen do in Cyprus, “staying at one of those hideous resorts” when one of the breakfast waiters came out with this SOTM – which, she adds in her audio clip “is ridiculous… I think it’s the only actress he knows”.

Now, the reason why she has that photo is because she was attending the We Are Bedford community event, where Marcus Kern was attending. He takes photographs for something called the Unlikeness blog – he photographs passers-by in the street, who volunteer to pose for him.

Using very impressive wireless technology (he’s German) he prints out a photo within seconds, and if you like it you keep it. If you don’t then he keeps it.

Our subject liked her photo, which is why she had it on her when she later posed for SOTM.

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"Great Stuff! A picture-within-a-picture collaboration! Zee Deutscher Marcus"

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