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We Must Be Willing To Get Rid Of The Life We Planned So As To Have The Life That Is Waiting For Us

838“At one point in our lives, my wife and I were faced with a choice. When debating the path we wanted to take, she cut this quote out of a magazine and posted it on the refrigerator. Accepting that things weren't working out as planned didn't mean the road was ended.

"We hopped on a different path and though it was long and arduous at times, it ended with two beautiful sons and was worth every step.”

This brilliant effort was sent in by Ralph from Horsham in Pennsylvania, USA, via the SOTM Flickr group.

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"Thanks for sharing this great advise... just when I need it."

Just A Person

"I agree with this, and it reminds me of something my father used to tell me about being flexible with life. Thanks for sharing, Ralph. :]"

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