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You Have Real Joie De Vivre!

1474So this picture of actress Chelsey Christensen is something of a happy accident – I was just testing the exposure and she was just shaking her hair about, as girls do. I looked at the result and it rather matched what she was once told following her performance in a play.

She looked a bit dubious when I said it was all over so quickly, so I took a few more shots in the pretence that I might consider them. But I knew I had the shot already.

She explains in her audio commentary how she and her fellow actors had a performance to put on “and were all freaking out because there were only nine people in the audience”. The show, of course, must go on, and indeed it did, the audience proving to be “fully invested in the show”.

Afterwards a “little old lady with bright white hair” who had clearly been enjoying the performance told our subject her SOTM. “It was a really cool and genuine moment.” Taken in Washington DC, USA.

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