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2144This is Sofia, a Chinese travel blogger. She lives in Como, Italy and says she heard this phrase from an Italian friend of hers there.

“When I arrived in Italy I was very curious about why everyone here was so happy. Even if they’ve met a lot of trouble. Maybe their boss has told them that next week, you have to leave the company and you’ve nowhere to go.

”But they say ‘Anyway, I’ve already booked my vacation hotel. Let me enjoy my vacation first. When I come back, I will find a new job.’ Then finally they told me this phrase, that you only have so many days in your life, so you need to smile every day, and use every day as a happy day.”

Sofia’s travel blog, which is in Chinese, can be found here.

Taken in Brisighella in Emilia Romagna, Italy on the SOTM World Tour, during the Blog Ville campaign, which was created and managed by iambassador in partnership with the Emilia-Romagna tourism board.

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