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Prends Biens Soin De Tes Amis Parceque L'Amitie Na Pas De Prix

1016Ths is the last in the series of SOTMs as part of Refugee Week 2010. Our final subject is Amidou Doumbia, whose message means: “Take good care of your friends because friendship is priceless.”

He wrote: "When I was a child in Ivory Coast, my parents and all family members used to advice us nice things, so that we can become good human beings and when we grow old, we could live a respectable life. Once my family and especially my mother told me the importance of a sincere friend in anyone’s life.

"I was never able to get it out of my head. As I grew up, I realised that how true it was, because whenever I went through a difficult time, my friends were there to support me and helped me get over this. It was their priceless friendship, which I could never have bought from some where else, no matter how much I was ready to pay for it."

Taken in Hounslow, London by Farida Stanikzai of the British Refugee Council for Refugee Week.

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