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That's Not The Ice-Cream Van, That's The Dog Catcher

438He wrote about SOTM on his blog, and when subsequently approached agreed to take part himself. Amusingly this was what his parents used to tell him as a child, so that they wouldn’t have to buy him an ice-cream. Harsh, but funny. Taken in Finsbury Park, London.

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"My mom used to tell us that it was a music truck that just drove around playing music to make people happier. My dad blew it by buying us ice cream from the music truck one day."

Charlie Pea

"We told our daughter when she was 2 yeras old, that the ice cream van's ring was her bedtime bell. When the bell went off she put her pyjamas on! Talk about pavlov's dogs"


"Ha! I told my kids 20 years ago that when the ice-cream van made that sound, it had run out of ice cream. They still haven't forgiven me..."

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