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See, If You Weren't So Mean, I Could've Been Here Already

1260Kivan T submitted this from Virginia in the US. She wrote: “The picture was taken in my living room, in the chair I sat in while I drew a portrait of the man who spoke the quote on the paper. After waiting a year for the man I loved to come home from school in California, we met eachother at a playground one night.

"We had fought constantly during the time he was away, and I was under the impression that he didn't care for me anymore because it seemed that way. I almost stopped speaking to him completely. But when he came back home, I knew I had to see him again, just to see how it felt.

“The night at the playground, we held hands for about a half an hour before he leaned over and kissed me. We sat in the cold and talked, and laughed, while he squeezed my hand periodically. When we were saying goodbye, he pulled me close and kissed me again, looked right into my eyes and said, ‘See, if you weren't so mean to me,’ he kissed me again, ‘I could've been here already.’

"After he said that to me, I realized that I had blaming him for breaking my heart, when I had just as much a part in it as he did. We were breaking eachother's hearts. One person was not to blame. I decided at that moment, to love him. And never doubt him again.”

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