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2292This is the saintly Benedicta, who runs the Safe Haven Cambodia Children’s Trust. It’s a charity which supports vulnerable and abandoned children in Cambodia.

Of her SOTM, she explains in her audio clip that: “It’s a neat way of summing up what I thought when I first came to Cambodia, which was that I’d been in England, stressed about my house price having plummeted, that I couldn’t find the right job, that I was a bit fatter than I wanted to be.

”I came over and thought: ‘Hang on. I’ve got a house in London, and I’m fatter than I want to be because I’ve got loads of food. I realised I really needed to get things in perspective as to how lucky I was, and I’ve got a tattoo on my wrist which says ‘Keeping Things In Perspective’ in Khmer.

”Then this amazing guy who supported me and the charity from the very beginning, he said this. It just seemed like the perfect way of putting all the various things I’ve been thinking.

”It drove me on to carry on going when things got really tough. Every time I hit a hurdle, or I'm feeling self indulgent in the UK and worrying about stuff I just go: “Wait a minute. Someone else would kill for this. Sort it out.”

(As this photo was about to be taken, a rip appeared in the top middle of Benedicta’s page. If you look closely you can spot the strategically-placed hair pin holding it in place.)

Taken in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the SOTM World Tour.

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