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You Can Listen To Crazy People, But Please Don't Believe What They Say, OK?

673This is the excellent Caitie Quezada, who along with her friend Amber Willis sent in lots of SOTMs that they'd taken in their little town of Fritch in Texas, USA.

What she said in her message to me included this: "One of my really good friends, Amber, loves photography too (I met her in photo class) and so we're always going out and doing photo shoots together. I told her about your website, and she too, fell in love.

"Fritch has a population of about 4,000 people, and is located in the heart of the Tx Panhandle. (so we have a lot of rednecks here!!) But also, people really grow as individuals because of the small population.Amber and I (my name is Caitie Quezada) plan on taking more sotm photos of friends, and also of ourselves.

"Thankyou for contacting me and thank you for creating "someone once told me". It's extremely inspiring, and gives a small town-southern girl like me something to do!!!! :)" She added that her own SOTM came from "one of my friends, who got this quote from an ex boyfriend".

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"I have a friend who moved here to Houston from that town :) As for the quote, sometimes the "crazy" people aren't the crazy ones at all! I've gotten some good advice from someone who was "crazy""

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