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2132This is Aldo Simoncini, perhaps the bravest man in world football. He’s the goalkeeper for the San Marino national football team. He says in his audio clip - which includes a translation – that his SOTM reached him via Twitter.

“I was sent a tweet after playing for San Marino against Italy. It was from a San Marino fan and it wasn’t in perfect Italian, but it stayed in my mind.” During that game, Aldo let in four goals but was widely praised for having thwarted the Italian strikers from scoring many more.

He’s also known for playing against Germany when the score was 13-0 and being in the side when England beat San Marino 8-0.

Taken at Porta San Francesco, the entrance to the City of San Marino, the nation’s capital. This photo was taken on the SOTM World Tour, during the Blog Ville campaign, which was created and managed by iambassador in partnership with the Emilia-Romagna tourism board.

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