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2403“So I was working in a bank,” says Israel in his audio clip, “and we had regulars coming in as they always do.

”It was Mr Alshire’s 85th birthday. And I’m a guy who likes to get wisdom from elders, because it’s a wise thing to do. So I asked Mr Alshire: ‘Give me the words of wisdom about life as you have come to know it.

”He was tall, strong, 6’3, 235 pounds. Big man, hasn’t lost any of his strength. He leaned toward me, put his hand on my left shoulder – I remember it very distinctly – and said this.

”I was confused by that. I repeated it back to him, and he said ‘yes’. I said: ‘It can never be nothing?’ and he said: ‘Oh honey, nothing is death.’

”And that was the words of wisdom that has influenced my life that day till now. If your dog is sick and you have to pay a vet, it’s always something.

”If your relative dies and you have to pay to go to the funeral, it’s always something. Whatever you have to spend your money on to get you through life, that’s what it’s for. It’s always something, so accept and prepare for it.”

Taken in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA during the SOTM World Tour.

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