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2190“So my grandma passed away with Alzheimer’s. She had it for around two years. I remember myself one day going to the hospital. It had been six months since she recognised me. She had no idea who I was, no idea I was her granddaughter.

“Nonetheless I used to go see her twice, three times a week, just to keep her company and trying to converse with her. One day we were at the hospital and she had this moment of clarity, she wasn’t hallucinating, for once she was clear. She just saw me there and she told me this.

”That is the one positive memory that I kind of have of her, while she had her Alzheimer’s. It is also the memory I choose to keep in my heart to remember her by.”

Taken in at Qui-Si-Sana, Sliema, Malta on the SOTM World Tour.

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