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Computers Are Fun

485Kaptain Kobold left quite a lengthy explanation for this photo which was posted in the SOTM Flickr group and taken in Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia.

Basically, having unpacked his PC (after a move Downunda from the UK) and having downloaded some software, his machine’s internet connection suddenly stopped. He then spent hours working out what was wrong (a Windows update upset his wireless internet adaptor).

He finishes by saying “Computers: more fun than anything else you might have wanted to do today. This picture doesn't show the computer; it shows our dressing-table mirror lit by fairy-lights; we've always wanted a mirror fringed with fairy-lights. Well, I have anyway. Now we have one :-)

"And I didn't flip this; I wrote on the pad backwards. Easier to do than you might think; easier than finding a quick answer to wireless networking problems, anyway..” [text: His Flickr page is here.]

corner corner corner corner


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