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2340“Many, many moons ago, when I was in high school, my best friend Cisco and I would always go out to sneak into clubs,” KC Montero explains in his audio clip.

”We’d be looking for girls. We weren’t the best at getting girls. After many drinks we’d try talking to them. It’s a numbers game when you’re looking to chase down the opposite sex.

”So throughout the night we would strike out often, until you were left with the people who would also strike out.

”So you’re in the room with the losers, the big women, the people in wheelchairs, the people who don’t score much. I was very picky so I’d say: ‘No, this is not my style’.

”One time my friend looked at me with a big smile on my face - he’d been doing this for many years, he doesn’t care what kind of girl he goes home with – and told me this.

”I was like: ‘This guy could be a genius.’ So that phrase, meaning: ‘It’s strange, it’s weird, go ahead and do it’ actually I took that almost like a motto in my life. But it came from such a shallow, shallow story.”

Taken in the studio of Wave 89.1 in Manila, Philippines during the SOTM World Tour.

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