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I Just Don't Like You As Much Anymore

627I’ve had many excellent SOTMs sent in so far, which have been simply brilliant – stand up photographers Garth McKay and Anna Logophobia, for starters. But there’s something about this one, coupled with the accompanying story, that has really captured my heart more than any other.

She looks so full of sorrow, and this image has really stayed with me since the second I first saw it. Submitted by Tarin, who wrote: “I'm from Newport, RI, USA and i go to school in New Hampshire.

"when i first got to school, i met an amazing man and i fell for him really hard. i actually had to take time to choose between this picture and another picture of a quote that he said to me that simply took my heart away; 'don't worry...i'll take care of you'.

"i ultimately chose this quote because, though he broke it off many months ago, i will never forget when he said this to me. i still care for him.”

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Paul Clark

"This honestly made my eyes water. I to was told this almost 8 months ago by the girl I was going to marry. I tried so hard to forget about it and just remember the good we had but still to this day ev"


"This resonates because I think we all have felt this. Her face reflect our hearts at that moment"


"daniel, i hope you're right."


"I have to disagree with EC. I believe toward the end of our days we only remember the best things in our lives, our friends, our family, and we can only regret how fast it all went."


"Really touching, the expression in her face tells you exactly how she felt when she first heard this SOTM. Brilliant. PS: I have the same Marilyn poster in my bedroom :)"


"You are beautiful! "


"we always remember the things that hurt the most."


"I totally agree Mario, my current fav also! She's captured that rare congruence of words, photo and heartfelt sentiment. You can feel her pain as she hugs the saying to her heart. Well done, Tarin."


"Its really emotional reading the contexts. I wish all things be settled."

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