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Slang Inte Bort  Dina Drommar

140Foreign Language Friday: Three of these four women are deaf, and all are Swedish.

They were together at Palolem beach in Goa, India. The one on the right, whose SOTM it is, signs sometimes on Swedish television - she was told her choice of quote by her ex-boyfriend.

Their use of sign language makes it a unique SOTM picture – they are signing, from the left, the message you see in Swedish, which means: "Don't Throw Away Your Dreams".

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"Always liked this one...a classic..."

Mark Andrew Saxby

"Inspirational! And why should they give up on their dreams? Just because we do sometimes..."


"Grow up boys.."


"deaf, quiet, hott...... i'd hit all 4!!! :)"


"3rd from the left... I'd hit."

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