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595This is the very talented Zoe Margolis, otherwise known as the author and blogger Girl With A One Track Mind. She happily agreed to participate in the MTV Staying Alive week on SOTM.

She said her quote came from a woman she used to work with, a sexual health educator who was HIV Positive and had AIDS. “One of the things she told me was that people should have more aural sex, meaning the type you talk and listen to.”

By doing so, of course, individuals and their partners are then able to share what they both want and need, and also talk about safe sex. Taken in a bandstand on Hampstead Heath, London.

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Juliet Brain

"If anyone from creativity 4 health is checking the site out TODAY having emailed the link round I REALLY HOPE YOU READ THE TEXT -:0)"


"I've found this great, coming from outside the UK, because I've found in the UK, there is no difference in pronounciation of the word Aural and Oral. Many discussions about what Aural sex might mean"

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