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1993Our subject is the excellent Phil Parker, a personal development expert.

He explains in his audio clip that: “When I was about 20 I found myself on the wrong end of a very, very sharp piece of glass. I was pushing a caravan over a bump and my hand when through the window.

"As a result my left hand was severed at the wrist – not completely but enough to cause serious damage. Nerves, muscles were just ripped apart.

“When I went to the doctor he told me this. This was bad news as I’m an osteopath but also I was a budding guitarist and I really needed both hands for that. So I really needed to get well, but the odds were completely against me.

”I demanded other medical opinions and lots of other doctors said the same thing to me. But amazingly, I didn’t get dispirited by that. I kept on asking until I finally found someone who said ‘Yeah, I think you will be able to recover’ and somehow I decided to believe them.

”As a result of the care I received and the belief I had that I could well, I did recover. A lot of people I knew with a similar injury did not recover. I think the thing that made the difference was my belief.

"That then formed the Lightning Process which is something that I’ve formed which has gone across the world and has helped people recover from serious illnesses, helping people to make the impossible possible.”

Taken in Finsbury Circus, London, UK.

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