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892 Francisco Arreola sent this via the SOTM Flickr group. He said: “The picture was taken in my house at Puebla (city), Puebla (state) in Mexico.

"They've told me this 2 times: The first one, from one of my uni teachers, since last year sometimes i do the advertising for events in my school, she likes most of the designs i've done, she says it's different and very creative but also she's the main critic in when i have to design, if she doesn't like it, she usually says that i can do better (Real motivation).

"The second one, from my mom, wait, let me finish! As far as i can remember she's not fan of anything or anyone, she just likes it and that's all.

"One day she was looking my 365 project set and from nowhere she just said, i'm your fan. I was like, thanks, but you said that because your my mom, and she said, no! You really take good pictures, then she gave me a hug and a kiss. And now i owe her one album of 365 :p”

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