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Mental Illness Is A Sign Of Weakness

644This warm and lovely lady was told this some years ago, and said that as a result of this early advice, the stigma of mental illness was “crushing” for her, when she later became mentally ill herself.

Happily she later recovered from her depression, as she explains in her audio commentary. Taken at the offices of Passionate Media in Cannock.

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Joel Sax

"This kept me out of treatment for many years -- by the time I got wise, my life had been wrecked by bipolar disorder."


"Thank you to everyone who has commented here, by email, facebook or twitter!"


"Thank you so much for your message. Its not only the individual but the family of those with mental illnesses that suffer this stigma and that needs to change!"

Colt Seavers

"I suffer from mental illness. I have recently overcome agrophobia, and am now dealing with a preliminary diagnosis of bi-polar.... and I am not weak, simply ill. Loved this. I get stronger daily btw!"

R Wiggins

"I found this video really touching - a sign that we all have a responsibility to be so careful as our words can have devastating effects on people. A wonderful story, and a wonderful person."

Jane Alexander

"Thank you for voicing this. Until more people speak out, the stigma is going to remain. Mental illness is bad enough - nobody needs to be told it's their fault as well! "


"Someone once told me and they still believe that depression is just an excuse I use to be lazy. The same people believe that A.D.D. (w/o hyperactivity) is an excuse to be unorganized & waste time."

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