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You're Very... Mature... For Your Age

1222n o t | y o u r | a v e r a g e | g i r l sent this in from her bedroom, in the US. I emailed her back and she confirmed she was happy for the shot, and the accompanying story, to be used. However, even though she also gave me permission to link to a page of hers, I’m not going to publish it, and have cut out some detail from her story.

She wrote: “Someone once told me, ‘You're very... mature... for your age,’ as he stared at my chest on [the journey] home from Prague, Czech Republic in the summer of 2002. I was 12. This was from a guy who I sort of but not really knew. He had tried to rape me in the hotel in Prague. Tried. I broke free, got out of the room, and ran through the hallways of the hotel until I felt safe enough to stop.

“It's sad (in my mind) this is the first thing I thought of. Sorry it wasn't more positive. I had an amazing day, and this totally doesn't reflect that.”

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