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2590“It was in 2009, it was November, it was really snowy,” says Jennifer in her audio commentary.

”I was in Chelmsford police station and I had just been attacked by my boyfriend. We were in a really fiery relationship.

”I remember sitting in this interview room at the police station, and one of the police officers was really lovely – two in the morning he gave me tea, biscuits, domestic violence leaflets which I was like ‘I’m not that person’ which actually turns out that I was.

”This is one of the things he said to me, which sticks to me forever.

”This was a turning point for me, because he was trying to say that while my boyfriend was in a cell for 24 hours because he was drunk and had just assaulted me, just run while you can otherwise I was going to end up like one of those women they see week after week after week.

”It had gone beyond my friends advising me to get out of this toxic relationship, it’s actually police. Which is what I did, and which is why I’m here now and not in that relationship any more.”

Taken at Oxford Circus, London, UK.

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