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You've Got Balls As Big As Church Bells, Girl!

672Taken in Houston, Texas, USA, and submitted by the subject, Kym, who wrote: "My mom actually is the one who told me this and it has stuck with me this long.

"She said that to me when I got home from work and told her I kissed a guy that i'd know for about 3 months and before that we never talked we just always were around the same people and i'd always liked him from a far and I love doing off the wall things so I went for it and walked in the house and she said that with the most shocking face.

"That guy is now my boyfriend and we've been together for around 2 years now and he says it too now-a-days when I do something he'd be scared to do.

"I think about that quote every single day in the morning as I walk out the door in hopes I can do something that day to make my mom or boyfriend say it."

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