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Jelly is Great

002A producer, director, writer and puppeteer (according to her business card) she had enquired what was going on during a SOTM shoot and volunteered.

She later explained that she is the puppeteer behind Jelly, a character in a BBC children’s television show "so when children tell me this, I know they don't mean the food, although they probably like it as well".

Taken underneath a bridge in Westbourne Park, London, UK.

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xXx joanne xXx

"I love this pic, esecially the place! byee x "

Gary Parkinson

"Jelly lives in a library which is visited at night by Story Makers including Milton Wordsworth. Just so you know. "


"I love this! I really feel like I make a connection with the subjects. Their choice of SOTM says so much about their character"

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