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2492“I used to work in a clothes shop in Covent Garden,” explains Paul in his audio clip.

“During my time there I got to know famous celebrities through frequenting clubs and bars. One day I got a phone call, on a Tuesday morning I believe, asking if I’d like to perform on Top of the Pops for a song one of my friends was singing.

”I was like: ‘I’m meant to be at work, but yes, of course’. So I phoned in sick. Then I went to Elstree Studios for the BBC and had my own dressing room with my friends with lots of free alcohol and then we performed on Top of the Pops.

”It took two takes, cos we were pretty drunk. About a week later it was shown on national TV. I was then called into my work’s office and told this. They’d seen me.

”I was like: ‘OK, but what would you do? Go into work or go on Top of the Pops?’ And they were like: ‘Fair enough.’”

The song, in case you’re wondering, was Jerusalem by Fat Les. You can see a video of that performance here.

Taken in Tower Hill, London, UK.

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