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Maybe We Should Just Get A Divorce

633This SOTM, sent in by Yvonne, is simply brilliant. Look at that smile! She later said it was done spontaneously, shortly after she found this website on StumbleUpon. She wrote: "My ex spat this out quite often as we were having our many arguments.

"It was the best decision of my life to get out of my mentally abusive relationship that would have never happened if I had been smarter when I was 18.

"I was depressed for 3 years with him, and although this quote was the best advice I have ever taken, he wasn't exactly happy when I decided to give him his wish, but I couldn't be happier with my life now! Taken in Houston, Texas, USA."

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"Oh well done you, you look very happy now, I admire your courage..its hard to admit a mistake sometimes and start again, but you are an example to us all."


"I hope one day I will have the courage to do the same."


"you are beautiful!"


"I couldnt agree more-it is said "you dont know what you had until it is gone" -well with divorce/seperation sometimes(more often than not i imagine)"you dont know what you were in until you are out"

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