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Li Ghandek X'Tirghan... Bieghu

511Foreign Language Friday: What's even better than getting a SOTM sent in? A FLF from my beloved Malta, that's what.

Submitted by Annalise Farrugia Bennett, who wrote: "The photo was taken at Ta' Cenc in Gozo during a day visit while on holiday in Malta as currently i'm living in Keswick, Cumbria; my sister took the photo.

"The SOTM is one of the quotes that stuck in mind from my childhood my grand dad used to use that expression quite a lot; a simple translation is: 'what ever you have to do, do it'."

corner corner corner corner


Colette Farrugia Bennett

"way to go sis...not just the photographer, but also the artist behind the drawing...gimme credit sis!"

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