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Love Is A Decision

478Sent in by the subject, from Las Vegas. He wrote: “Coming back to America for a lecture series on China in MBA schools has been a powerful learning time for ME

"I have not been back to the US in three years and, while it has been somewhat of a culture shock for me (the prices, the portions, the open spaces...), I have been reminded of what makes me proud to be American: I am especially lucky to be here for the historic election of our nation's first black president and I believe again in America's greatness--the kind that only happen in a culture rife with diversity and proud of it-proud enough to pick a leader from the ranks of an ethnic group once disenfranchised.

"Gary Smalley, a motivational speaker, once said that Love is a Decision--as opposed to a feeling-- and that this holds true for love of country as well as love of a mate or a family. OMBW:" Our subject's blog is here.”

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Lewis Webb

"That's great - I argue this with people all the time!"

message in a bottle

"Love is a definite decision..."

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