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752This is the lovely and very talented Ariane Sherine, comedy writer, journalist and the creator of the Atheist Bus Campaign.

You may recall that it made headlines a while back, when messages proclaiming ďThereís probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your lifeĒ were posted on London buses.

Anyway, as for her SOTM, itís something that she was told by S John Ross, who designed the original font used in the bus campaign posters. Ariane is terrified of flying, and had to take a flying lesson for a Sunday Times article, so when she asked Mr Ross for some advice, this is what he told her (itís a quote by Anais Nin, the last sentence is his addition).

Rather sweetly, she wrote the message down and took it up with her in the plane as a comfort. She explains the whole story in more detail in her excellent audio commentary.

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Harriet Bedford

"I saw this and it's given me the insight to become the happiest I've been in 32 years. Thank you."

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