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Someone Once Told Me

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If You Go You Might Regret It, But If You Don't You Definitely Will

690This charming woman is not only very easy on the eye, but also a great cook to boot. She wrote: "In 2004 I met a boy who turned my world upside down when I was least expecting it. I completely fell for him, but he had already booked to go travelling in Oz indefinitely.

"We had several painful months of keeping in touch, and finally he asked me to join him. I was faced with the dilemma of whether to leave a job and home I loved to risk everything for someone I'd only just met. I asked lots of people for advice, but it was my mum who said this to me.....and it was the piece of advice that made me do it.

"Joining him in Oz was the best decision I've ever made........there were a couple of moments when I thought 'what on earth have I done?!' but overall it was incredible.....and we've now been married nearly 2 years." Taken in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

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"Nice feet!"


"Roo - you're a fox! And your Mum is a very wise and lovely lady :o)"

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