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2122“Somewhere towards the start of our second date, Angela and I were having an aperitif, which was an Italian liquor that her uncle had given her – her family is Italian.

”As we drank we got to talking about Italy in general, and she started telling me how much she loved the country and that prompted me to say ‘OK, I’ve actually got a trip coming up to Zurich for work, I was thinking about going to Italy’. I was thinking maybe she had some recommendations of where to go.

”She talked about it more and more and the enthusiasm was building up. At some point I just, spur of the moment, decided to say ‘Do you want to come with me?’ I really didn’t expect much, I thought maybe she’d laugh, but instead, this was her response.

”That was that. Two years later, we’re married, been living in Paris for six months, about to go back to New York. That moment was really kind of the launching point.” Umesh has his own website, which can be seen here. Taken on Pont Louis Philippe, Paris, France on the SOTM World Tour.

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