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You're A Jackass!

509The very talented Gooner-Licious sent this shot in via the SOTM Flickr group. “Why would anyone call me that?! I'll never know... I recall the first time someone had said this to me..I was on the telephone with an elderly lady when I worked in Technical Support for the company I currently work for now...that was years ago...

"I was still pretty new and everyone was still listening in on my conversations with customers... It didn't help when I blurted out "So I'm a JackAss Now?!"... I even actually wrote it in her case file "Lady called me a JackAss"...that case still gets pulled out from the archives every now and then...

"it has since become my favorite insult...and it still makes me giggle when someone calls me matter how malicious the intent.”

Taken in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

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