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2330This is Gianni, who runs the Nomad Is Beautiful travel website. Of his SOTM, he explains in his audio clip that: “my quote is the quote of my father.

”Long time ago, when I was younger I was doing a lot of things. I liked to strike, protesting, and always involved in political stuff when I was studying at university.

”So my father was really against this. He was always telling me this. At that time I didn’t like what he was saying to me, as that was my interest. I wanted to change the world, I wanted to fight for my rights.

”But then over time I understood that, you know, there are many, many ways to change the world, and politics is not the right way to change the world. You can change with your heart, with being a better person and doing something for the community.”

Taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand on the SOTM World Tour by Isaac Brightmore.

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