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2568“Some years ago I was in New Orleans for a conference,” says Susan in her audio clip, “and I had to get back to my hotel.

“I hailed this seedy-looking cab. It was a dark car with orange shag carpeting in it, and the cab driver was dressed like Dr John, but darker. He was an older dude.

”There was a couple of us from the conference that jumped in and a conversation got started in the car about life and work.

”I think I was feeling like I wasn’t sure nice people finished first, I was feeling jaded and was voicing this. The driver shut me down and said this to me.

”When he said that, I totally was certain that he was channelling my grandfather, who had said that to me all the time. It was his favourite Nat King Cole song.

”It had been some years since my grandfather passed but when this cab driver said that I was like woah!”

Taken in Washington DC, USA during the SOTM World Tour.

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