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2142“This was told to me by my friend. She’s American but has been living in China for 12 years. Last week we were in a wedding in the English countryside, in Norfolk. I’ve known her for seven years I was talking to her and saying I’m a little confused now, as I’m from Beijing and now I live in the US.

”I feel like sometimes I travel too much and feel like people who live in China, who live in one place permanently, are actually happier, because you stay in your own place. Sometimes I have the feeling that I really want to move back.

”My friend’s like ‘If you move back, you’ll get bored in a few months’. Her friend told her this quote, and she told it to me. It means you can’t go back to the lifestyle you’re used to, you have to keep on going and keep moving.”

Our subject, Shan Lu, has a photography site and also a blog in Chinese.

Taken in Brisighella in Emilia Romagna, Italy on the SOTM World Tour, during the Blog Ville campaign, which was created and managed by iambassador in partnership with the Emilia-Romagna tourism board.

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