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2565“I was in Nashville, Tennessee in 1984,” explains the excellent Richard in his audio clip, and who can be found regularly using Twitter.

”I was there because I was the medical journalist of the year, and as a prize I had a £1,500 travel bursary. The story that won me this was about children playing football five or six times a week and getting stress injuries.

”On the back of that, off I went to the States to look at how they dealt with kids in baseball. The guy I wanted to interview was at a conference in Nashville.

”There I am one night, having a couple of drinks before dinner. I was just past my prime, aged 29 and three quarters, and a rather gorgeous Southern belle cocktail waitress took my order.

”I probably said a Tequila Sunrise. And she just came out with this unforgettable phrase, never said to me before or since.”

Taken in Victoria, London, UK.

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