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We Should Get Out, So We Can Get Back In Again

2201“This was said to me by my friend Helen, who I’ve known since school,” Matilda says in her audio commentary. “We were at a music festival in Portugal in the desert, and it’s just the most beautiful surroundings. I’ve been three times and had the absolute best time every time.

”It’s set around a gorgeous lake, and it’s about 40 degrees so we spent a lot of time in this lake, hours and hours at a time. It was coming up to dusk and we’d been in there for a really long time, and we both didn’t want to get out but felt like we were getting a bit pruney. She then said this to me.

”The best part of being in the water is that first feeling of getting in and you’re dry, and the water washing over you. Getting out is the rubbish part.” Taken at Café Rouge in the Marias Nord, Paris, France during the SOTM World Tour.

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