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Be Happy and Always Make Others Happy

1012This is Asifa Nabeela, whose SOTM is the second of this week's Refugee Week pictures. She said: "I was brought up by my father, as I didn’t have my mother. So my father always tried to cheer us up, by making and using funny things.

"In doing so, he got a pet sentence, which means, 'Be Happy and Always Make Others Happy' in English. Also just few months ago, I was travelling on a bus, while I was feeling very depressed and down. Suddenly on a signal, I looked up and saw an English man, who was in his car with his family, he gave me a lovely smile and after that I really felt very fresh and rest of my day passed happily.

"This event also reminded me of my fathers advice.” Taken in Hounslow, London by Farida Stanikzai of the British Refugee Council for Refugee Week.

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