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2563“So about five years ago I signed up with a new dentist and I had to give my medical history,” says Robyn in her audio clip.

”One of the questions asked if I’d ever suffered from depression so I said yes. I walked into the surgery and the dentist looked at me and said: ‘You don’t look like you’re depressed.’

”I was completely taken aback and said: ‘Well, I’m OK now.’ He looked me up and down and said this to me.

”I was astonished. I suppose there is an element of wearing armour in bright colours, but also I just love them and they make me very happy. What you wear isn’t indicative of your mental state.

”It made me realise that people have no idea about these sorts of things. From that point onwards I’ve always been really open about the fact that I’ve suffered from depression and am OK now.

”It’s like an alcoholic, you’re always in recovery and people need to understand that I’ve never been ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it, although I was at the time I was told this.”

Taken in Soho, London, UK.

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