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Do You See That Ocean? There Is A Lot Of Fish In It

1010Kristen Traxler sent this in from the brilliantly-named Folly Beach, South Carolina, US. She wrote: “While I was vacationing at the beach and rambling on about how my then boyfriend was such a jerk, and my family and friends are telling me to move on, some woman overheard approached me.

"She tapped me on the shoulder and said, "girl, do you see that ocean?" I looked and awkwardly replied, "yes". She then said, "There is a lot of fish in it". Everyone instantly agreed with the woman.

"She quickly walked away, and I never got her name. I'm reminded of what she said every time I look at the ocean and just how true it is.”

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"By far one of my favorite SOTMs! :) "


"so very true!!!"

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