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2500“So I’m aged about 10 and we’re going out to dinner as a family,” Harry says in his audio clip.

”There’s a buffet situation in the restaurant we’ve gone to. Being aged 10, and being quite hungry, I piled my plate very high with a lot of food.

”As I came back to the table with my big plate of food, and I struggled to eat all that food, my granddad turned to me and said this.

”And I thought he was calling me fat so I burst into tears. I was devastated about him saying this to me. In fact, he was obviously being very kind and just teaching me a lesson that you shouldn’t be greedy and you should watch what you put on your plate.

”After this was explained to me I took it quite well. My granddad was a very sweet man, I had a lot of respect for him.”

Taken in Cavendish Square, London.

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