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2470"After school and college - where I studied music - I had loads of opportunities to go to university, to become a musician, to follow dreams of being in a band, that sort of stuff," Nick says in his audio clip.

"But I found myself working in an office, nine to five. I became one of the board members of this small marketing agency. It started to grow, things started to happen, it was all very exciting.

"But actually that's not what I really wanted, I felt very tied down. One day my own boss sat me down and said: 'You're the most important person to me here' but that he thought I should leave.

"It was such a strange conversation because I was thinking how involved I was there, and outside had nothing.

"Since then I've started a business, I started a second business, then sold a company. Throughout the whole thing I've been road tripping, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I was employed.

"I've bought a vehicle and travelled around the world. My whole life changed when he said these words to me."

Nick runs a YouTube channel revealing his daily adventures.

Taken in Tower Hill, London, UK.

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