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Think Of How Dumb The Average Person Is Then Remember 50% Of The World Is Dumber Than That

1953Iím an ex-science teacher, going back into teaching. You see people in schools and they hide their intelligence, because theyíre scared to be bullied.

ďThe less intelligent 50% push the other 50% down for being smart. And I think thatís a terrible thing.

ďThis is a quote by George Carlin. Itís so viciously, viciously accurate. Iíve been a fan of his for years. Heís a brilliant comedian.Ē

Taken at an Erotic Meet party in Soho, London, UK. His audio commentary does contain some slightly rude words.

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robert willatts

"Given how much I had had to drink by this point I am stunned at how coherent it was. Did go on about the teaching thing a little though and I realise its not quite how averages work but it made sense "

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