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2286This is Amy, CEO of the UK charity Small Steps Project which helps children and their families who scavenge on rubbish dumps around the world.

The charity helps children on rubbish dumps take small steps out of poverty. It also raises awareness through documentary films and photography and funds through the Celebrity Shoe Auction which runs every year. Check it out if you'd like to own a pair of shoes that once belonged to an A list celebrity.

Of her SOTM, Amy says in her audio clip that: ”One of my oldest friends in the world, Alex, said this to me.

”Every time I’ve felt at rock bottom, I’ve heard those lines, and it’s made me realise something good is going to come after.

”When I’m working on the rubbish dumps and it does sometimes feel like the end of the earth, I have to keep in mind that the project we do is going to improve things, no matter how bad it is when we first get there, it’s not the end and it’s going to improve.”

Taken in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the SOTM World Tour.

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