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1099Foreign Language Friday: This was submitted by the excellent Fiona Coke. She wrote: “Bisognerebbe accontentarsi is Italian, and whilst it doesn't translate exactly into English it loosely means " you need to be content with what you have". Crack that and recognise all the great things in your life and it will already be much improved! Wise words.

“It's a motto of a very wise and great friend of mine in Italy which she shared with me at a time when there was lots of challenging things happening in my life. She's so right, even when the going's tough there's a lot we all have to be grateful for if we stop and recognise it rather than take it for granted.

“This picture was taken at a little coffee bar called Carambuco on La Carihuela Montemar, just outside Malaga, while on holiday in Spain, and is all the more apt for the large ice cream, as I have to manage my dairy in-take, so ice cream is a real and rare treat for me. Bisognerebbe accontentarsi of these things.”

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Joe McIvor

"What a wonderful outlook to have in life. By co incidence, the Carihuela is one of my favourite places to watch the world go by. My favourite place is La Fragatqa. I go for my daily dose of Carambuco "

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