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2221This is Graziella Prezzi, owner of a top class vineyard, Fattoria Paradiso. It has previously supplied wine for the Pope, among other accolades. For her SOTM, she chose something told to her by Luigi Veronelli, a family friend, who was “the godfather of wine and food in Italy”.

She gives her story in her audio clip in Italian, and the translation follows courtesy of Nicholas Montemaggi. Graziella says: “Luigi, Gigi to his friends, was the first one to start a wine and TV show with the Rai television channel, in Turin, where I also took part in the shows.

”He really loved Fattoria Paradiso and he used to come here on a horse with a bright mantle. When he came here, this was a sentence that he used to say.”

Graziella was very keen to include the vase of roses in her photo. The vineyard places roses at the end of each row of its grapes. In medieval times this was because they served as a warning that a deadly fungus was about to attack the grapes – roses being more sensitive than the vines.

Nowadays, the roses are largely symbolic but it is believed that there is cross pollination between them and the grapes, adding to the flavour in the vineyard’s wines. Taken at Fattoria Paradiso, Emila Romagna, Italy on the SOTM World Tour during the Blogville event and with the help of

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